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Ambassador Scholarship Information 


With our Ambassador's Scholarship we offer free or low cost dog training to dog owners in Pinellas and

 Hillsborough Counties, that have adopted or fostering from any of our rescue (or shelter) partners or have financial stress.

It is REQUIRED that you register under our Animal Ambassador's Scholarship to be considered for approval..


We partner with different rescue groups across

ST. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Area in addition to

providing online training tips, finding local and

online resources. 

If you're a rescue group (or shelter) and would like to

partner with us click on the bubble below to Partner with us and make a difference in our dogs lives.

our partners, dog rescue


CALL 727-902-0548


Working with a rescue dog involves a mission to help a dog in need, to rehabilitate them and to provide them with a loving home.

Dog training can play a vital role in achieving this goal.

Our mission of training a rescue dog is to help them overcome any behavioral issues that may have developed due to neglect, abuse, or lack of training.

This program aims to provide the dog with basic obedience training, socialization, and exposure to different environments and situations, which will help the dog become more confident and well-behaved.

Our training program also involves building a bond of trust between the dog and their new owner. It is essential to establish a good relationship with the dog based on positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience. The program seeks to educate the owner on effective training techniques, communication skills, and leadership skills to create a strong, long-lasting bond between the dog and their human companion.

Ultimately, the goal of training a rescue dog is to give them a second chance at life. Through training the rescue dog can develop the skills and behaviors necessary to thrive in a new environment, build a strong bond with their new family, and become a happy, well-adjusted member of the community.

Animal House Academy Dog Training

Ambassador Scholarship Terms & Agreement

Our ambassador scholarship is a way of providing low cost dog training to families that cannot afford our normal group classes. In exchange for the discount class, we ask that you share all of our social media posts, and assist us in advertising Animal House Academy online to your followers as well as in any related groups (if they allow promotional posts).


We will also ask for a testimonial and a review at the end of class. Finally, we ask that you commit to training your dog daily with the techniques and tools we provide to ensure that you get the most out of each class as possible.

It is REQUIRED that you register to be considered for approval. 

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