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Asked Questions 

F.A.Q's, Frequently Asked Questions

What age can dog training begin and why is it important?

As soon as you bring puppy home you should start with boundary training. This will help prevent from unwanted behaviors such as; potty accidents, chewing power cords etc. 

Your puppy's age is critical for two reasons, First, at the ages of 3 weeks to 12 weeks this is the most important stage of your puppy's development. Usually puppy's go home with their new human families by the ages of 7 weeks to 12 weeks, this is right in the middle of your puppy's socialization period. 

Secondly, during this age your puppy is developing their reactions to all the things around much more consistently. You will want to expose your puppy in a structured manner to as many new sights, sounds, people, children, other vaccinated dogs (no dog parks!). Always making sure to keep your puppy safe from negative situations or in areas where they can contract a contagious disease.

After your puppy has received their vaccinations (around 14-16 weeks) enroll your puppy in group classes to start to continue proper exposure while working on their obedience training.  


A dog is never too young or too old to learn proper behaviors that will keep them as part of a good member of society.  

How can a professional dog trainer help me and my dog?

We will help you and your dogs by first addressing behavioral issues, teaching obedience commands, assisting with socialization, providing guidance and troubleshooting, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

How long does it typically take to train a dog?

We recognize that every dog is unique, with individual learning methods, so this makes it difficult to measure the true length of training. 

Can you train any breed of dog?

We train with all breeds and sizes. No pet is untrainable.

How much does dog training cost?

The cost of dog training can vary depending on various factors such as the location, the type and duration of training, and whether it's conducted in a group or private setting. It's best to contact us to get specific pricing information for the services you require.

What types of behavior issues can you help with?

We work with dogs that have a wide range of behavioral issues, including separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, and excessive barking.

Do you offer group classes or one-on-one training sessions?

We offer: Homeschool Private Programs, Group Classes and Virtual Online Training

What is the difference between obedience training and behavior modification?

Dog obedience training focuses on teaching dogs basic commands and desired behaviors by establishing clear communication between the owner and the dog, promoting good manners and cooperation.

Behavioral modification involves understanding the underlying causes of these behaviors and implementing strategies to change or manage them effectively.

Can you help with housebreaking and potty training?

Yes, Potty training is included in our Puppy Training Homeschool Program

Visit our BLOG where we share helpful posts that includes tips to get through your dog's housebreaking training.

What should I expect during a training session?

Homeschool Program: 1 hour of training with your trainer, orientation package, weekly lesson plans, online training log (via Google Docs) and office hours phone support or online support.

Group Class: 1 hour training with 1-2 trainers, small group (maximum 4), weekly lesson plans, FB Class Private Group, AKC Evaluation and Certificate of completion. (Puppy Obedience Group Classes includes 2 field trips)  

Do you offer any guarantees or follow-up support after the training?

We can not guarantee the consistency of your training therefore we can not guarantee after our training project has completed, but we do offer for:

Homeschool Programs include life time trainer support and FB Clientele Support Group.

Group Classes include 45 days online support and FB Clientele Support Group.

What should I do if my dog is fearful or anxious?

We tailor a training plan for your dog's situation and triggers and work individually with you and your dog starting in a neutral environment and working with their level of comfort. Click Here for more information.

We also offer a Reactivity Training Group Class, Click Here for more Information.

Can you help with basic commands like sit, stay, and come?

Yes,  Puppy Obedience and Dog Obedience Group Classes cover your basic commands in a structured setting. 

Do you offer training for specific activities like agility or therapy work?

Yes, we task train SDiT specifically for handlers medical needs. Click Here for more Information.

How do you assess a dog's individual needs and develop a training plan?

All of our Homeschool Programs start with a consultation and temperament test this will provides our trainers the information they need to create your lesson plan.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?

We are ready to provide additional references at your request, but in the meantime take a look at what some of our clients have said about their experiences with us. Click Here to Read Client Success Stories.

How do I redeem the Pack Member Promo Code?

  • Click on "Add a Promo code", enter your coupon code in the space provided and click Apply 

  • One coupon code per class enrollment 

  • Each coupon has an expiration, we can not honor expired coupons 

Why is dog training expensive ?

Dog training is expensive because it involves a combination of specialized skills, individualized approaches, time, resources, and ongoing support. These factors contribute to the overall cost of dog training services, but they are essential for achieving effective and long-lasting results, ultimately benefiting both dogs and their owners. We do provide assistance on occasion through our Ambassador's Scholarship. 

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